General Instructions:

You and your family member are welcome to choose to use either the provided music or the provided meditation focusing on healing as a potential stress-reduction technique. This choice is intended to allow you to feel at ease.


If you and your family choose to use the meditation, you will also have access to an audio recording of this meditation. This audio recording is intended to be an example of how you may want to read the script, with pauses between phrases for ease of listening. You are encouraged to read the meditation script in your own way, in whatever way feels most comfortable or natural.


After you and your family have chosen and participated in an experimental therapy/ intervention (meditation or music), as many times as feels comfortable for you, the principal investigator of this study will return in 1-7 days to ask you to self-report your current level of emotional or psychological distress using the same tools. You will also be asked, at the time of the second visit, to complete a short survey asking you how many times you used the interventions provided and how they made you feel.